Camera based verification equipment to check products such as barcodes, documents, bank notes ID cards.

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Sophisticated Technology with High-end Computer Systems provide precise Inspection & Verification

Today’s demand for highest possible quality in bank note production is met by leading-edge hardware and software platforms utilizing cameras and scanners. Images of the bank notes are transferred to powerful processing computers via an image acquisition interface, scrutinized with several image-analysis software tools, and the results are then compared to pre-set acceptance thresholds. Consider these applications:


Security Thread Slitting & Demetallization Inspection

These systems monitor the accuracy of security thread production by verifying the quality of the demetallization patterns. During the slitting into single threads, the slitting edges are monitored to be within pre-defined tolerances. Warning limits can be set to alert operators of degrading slitting accuracy, and corrective action can be taken even before faulty product is produced.              

Security Paper Inspection including…

Such systems inspect for presence, location and integrity of these features either on the web or on sheets.

Numbering & Feature Verification

Missing print features or incorrect serial numbers on a circulating bank note can prompt the public to believe it may be counterfeit, and the repercussions can be dramatic and unpleasant. High speed number verification systems verify that the serial numbers on bank note sheets are correct, in exactly the right location, accurately aligned and of good legibility. The feature verification component of these systems assures that none of the relevant print features is missing. 

Cut & Packing Inspection

These systems measure to the edges of sheet sections, notes or packs from selected print features. 

Production Tracking

These systems collect data during each stage of the production process. The processing of this data tracks each sheet and note from the first process to the final packing and shipping. The tracking systems create reports for each batch, pallet or pack so that every unit can be accounted for.

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