Camera based verification equipment to check products such as barcodes, documents, bank notes ID cards.

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Barcode Verification System (BVS)

The Vision Assurance Barcode Verification System is a high performance, multiple-stream inspection system that provides 100% checking and verification of sequences and print quality of Barcode numbered documents on high speed printing and collating machines.

Barcode Verification System can have multiple high speed triggered cameras that capture images from the moving document, decode the printed data and check for correct quality and placement.

The simple user interface allows the operator to start/stop inspection, keep a report of all inspected products and access easy set up menus.

The numbering data can be printed by mechanical numbering boxes or by inkjet or laser printer. The numbering data can be entered into the Barcode Verification System by the user or uploaded via local area network (LAN), CD Rom or other data transfer device. Numbering can be sequential where the Barcode Verification System learns the sequence from the first barcode which the camera sees or random data the same as you would supply to the print engine.

The system can generate a report showing the time and date of all sequences inspected and details of all faults detected.

A signal can be generated for each fault detected which can be used to reject the sheet and mark the defective document. The data for each fault will be recorded to allow document re-makes to be run at a later time.

Barcode Verification System can be trained to inspect multiple barcodes on each document.

For further details, please contact us on +1-770-517-3344 in the USA or +44-1264-326309 in the UK.


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