Camera based verification equipment to check products such as barcodes, documents, bank notes ID cards.

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We use components from a number of long term suppliers with whom we have developed an excellent relationship over the past years. Our suppliers understand the type of work which we undertake and work with us to supply, you, the customer a first class solution. They work with us confidentially so that we can maintain our client confidentiality.

Each project has its own challenges and in our experience one size does not fit all!

Examples of the product to be inspected are requested at an early stage in the project, these are subjected to various tests which establish the best type of illumination and camera/lens combination. A survey of the installation site while production is running establishes which other components would be required for the project.

Typical components which might be used in a Vision Assurance System might include a selection of those listed below.


There are two types of camera technology which can be used in Vision Assurance Systems, a brief description of each is listed below. Generally we aim to provide you with a resolution of 0.1mm in the X and Y directions. Some applications may require a finer resolution, and some may require a courser resolution.

Area Scan

This type of camera takes an image similar to personal cameras; one trigger of the shutter captures an entire image. This type of technology is primarily used where the product is not in control; such as a sheet fed press where the product is pulled through the press by a gripper bar system on the front edge of the sheet and the sheet can “wave” as it passes the camera.

Line Scan

This type of camera has a single row of pixels and builds the image as the product moves under the camera, this does allow for larger images than can be captured by area cameras. The image length can be set from the set-up menu in the Vision Assurance Application.
Typically this type of camera is used on web style applications where the product is under control, such as where the web passes over a roller. Line Scan cameras also allow for much higher surface speeds as would be normal with a web based application.


LED area
High power wide angle LEDS are used to provide and even illumination for the area cameras. They can be used singly or in pairs and are different lengths and colours. It is general to use white LED’s so that the customer can print with all colours. However alternative LED lights are available such as, Infrared and Ultra Violet.

The LED lights are strobed to increase the life of the light and to sharpen the image.

LED Line light
This type of light uses high powered LED’s that are focused through a lens (typically a glass rod) onto the product. A single line of light is used. The lights can be passive cooled or water cooled. They can be strobed or used continuously.

Optical Shaft Encoder

The optical shaft encoder is fitted to the press usually to the numbering shaft or the roller where the product is imaged. The purpose of the shaft encoder is to provide movement data to the Vision Assurance application through the press interface unit. This data can indicate the top of form, the positions of the areas of interest and the speed of the product. The shaft encoder is driven at a ratio of 1:1 with the press.