Camera based verification equipment to check products such as barcodes, documents, bank notes ID cards.

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Customised systems

One of the first things we learned when supplying vision based camera systems was that every system is customised to suit the customer’s needs. This encouraged us to develop our vision inspections systems along the building block route; we are able to easily tailor each system to your needs. Further to this after our systems were installed we then discussed with the customer the way the system integrated into their production process and how it could be further improved to provide the most effective inspection tool at the disposal of the production department.

We are able to provide systems which track random (non-sequential) data generated via data bases/LAN or dvd/cd rom and applied to the product by print engines such as inkjet, laser and toner based printers.

Typical systems may require the vision system to verify that the data has been printed and that it has only been printed once. If the system detects an error the data can be returned to the print engine for remake thus providing you with the complete series of data.

Other systems can be mounted on label production equipment where product is produced in multiple streams then slit into single streams. We can ensure that the offset between streams is correct and that there are the correct number of labels in each reel, even if you use lead in and lead out labels.

For further details, please contact us on +1-770-517-3344 in the USA or +44-1264-326309 in the UK.


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