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Full Sheet Inspection System FSIS

The Vision Assurance Full Sheet Inspection System is a modular stand-alone quality control solution for the inspection of intaglio, litho, screen print, serial Numbers and barcodes, watermarks, security thread and foils on printed sheets. The system has a vacuum belt based transport, pallet feeder, alignment table, reject gates and stackers and a good work pile stacker. Inspection options are sheet front side, sheet back side, transmissive, IR, UV and numbering inspection stations.

The Full Sheet Inspection System is used to inspect for:

Typical Applications

FSIS Sorting Capabilities

The Full Sheet Inspection and Sorting Machine not only performs multiple inspection and verification tasks on security print sheets but also sorts these sheets into multiple bins according to an operator selectable sorting criteria.

Sorting by column or row: The FSIS has multiple sorting capabilities selectable by the operator.

The purpose of these are to provide the possibility to salvage sheet sections with no errors. Sheets with errors in specific columns (or rows) can be selected to be deposited in specific bins. These can then be numbered, on a numbering press, in e.g. columns 2 to 5, only, if the sheets on the pallet all have errors in column 1. It is also possible to select the sorting to be by “good” columns or rows. Multiple columns can also be selected for a specific bin. Dynamically selected overflow bins: A bin that is not selected is automatically used as a “Dynamically Allocated Overflow Bin”. These are used to collect sheets, destined for a specific bin, when the original bin is full. The operator is alerted, on a touchscreen monitor, that the sheets in this bin were originally destined to a specific bin number. After emptying the original bin, the operator adds the sheets from the overflow bin to the stack from the original bin. Very frequently there is only one bad note on e.g. a 50 subject sheet. Salvaging most of the remaining sheet can provide great cost savings considering the cost of the substrate, security features and all printing processes that have already been applied. Customers have calculated that the savings generated by this sorting capability can easily pay for the machine in 6 to 12 months. So even though the inspection and verification capabilities of this machine already provide great value to a customer, the sorting capabilities provide the opportunity to offset the cost of the machine with savings generated from salvaging product, within a short time.

You will be buying less substrate, less ink, less security foil, and free up expensive press time.

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