Camera based verification equipment to check products such as barcodes, documents, bank notes ID cards.

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The Vision Assurance Systems application has evolved over the years which we have been producing camera based inspection systems. No two projects are the same, each customer has their own desires and specification. At Verification Systems we listen to your requirements we provide a solution for you to use. The systems have been designed to complement your production and to assist the user to produce first class products first time!

It is fair to say that when users of our Vision Assurance Systems realise how useful they are in helping them with their work that they will not use the process unless our systems are enabled and working!

The basis of all of our systems is the Vision Assurance Systems software, this can then be customised to perform the desired task from High Speed Number Verification to Thread Inspection or Foil Slitting or Barcode Verification.

Our background is in document numbering we understand the nuances of numbering sequences and the finishing processes our Vision Assurance Systems can cope with numbering boxes, inkjet printing, laser printing. Whether the data sequences are fixed or randomly generated.

We can call for a number of tools for the inspection process, from edges to area to pattern matching (includes alphanumeric patterns) to barcode (1 dimensional and 2 dimensional).

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