Camera based verification equipment to check products such as barcodes, documents, bank notes ID cards.

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Revenue Tax Stamp Inspection Systems

We have installed several different types of inspection system for the inspection and verification of revenue or fiscal tax stamps three of which are briefly described below.

  1. Roll to sheet Laser printer which produces self-adhesive labels as well as paper stamps. We have a single linescan camera system on the in-feed side of the Laser printer which inspects the web for missing labels prior to personalisation by the Laser printer. If a missing label is detected then the process is stopped for operator intervention. (either label replacement or cutting and splicing of the web to remove the faulty material).

    The second system on this process is a four camera High Speed Number Verification System which inspects the printed stamps for:
    1. Presence of label.
    2. Numbering sequence.
    3. Gross printing errors.
    4. Registration of laser printing.
    5. Registration of label die cutting to the off-set printing.

    The High Speed Number Verification System inspects the variable data on applied to the stamps for numbering errors such as sequence or poorly printed numbers and can be set to stop the process or to alert the operator to the fault.

  2. Sheet to sheet ink jet personalisation. This system uses the basic High Speed Number Verification System but has been customised to work within a closed production system. The personalisation (including numbering) data is passed to the High Speed Number Verification System by the ink jet controller. The HSNVS inspects the sheets (680 stamps per sheet), good sheets are sent to the delivery pile, reject sheets are sent to a reject pile. The vision system operates the gate. Reject numbering data is returned to the ink jet so that the sheet can be remade.
  3. Roll to sheet web press running at 130 meters per minute. Producing sheets of 108 tax stamps per sheet. The High Speed Number Verification System controls the numbering as well as the density of the blue and black background print and the presence and density of the invisible UV printing. Errors are reported to the user for action.


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