Camera based verification equipment to check products such as barcodes, documents, bank notes ID cards.

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Thread Inspection System (TIS)

The Vision Assurance Thread Inspection System is a high performance, multiple-stream inspection system that provides 100% checking and verification of windowed or continuous threads during the paper production process.

The Thread Inspection System is easily installed onto the manufacturing press, the Thread Inspection System can provide output signals for rejects gates etc. 
The data for each fault will be recorded to allow fault analysis as part of the overall quality control function.

Thread Inspection System has multiple high speed triggered line-scan cameras that capture images from the moving product, decode the data and check for correct quality, placement, pattern, orientation and presence of the thread.

The simple user interface allows the operator to start/stop inspection, keep a report of all inspected products and access easy set up menus.
The system can generate a report showing the time and date of all sequences inspected and details of all faults detected.


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